clearing business hurdles

Smart Mavens provides Start-up entrepreneurs, business owners and end Customers with Complete consulting and day-2-day support service to let you keep the teething problems away and let you focus on your business priorities.

Once we have built the operational infrastructure of your business, we can then help you on an ongoing basis to increase revenue, improve customer retention, and simplify processes to ensure profitability and long-term success.

Computer Support Service
Business Process Outsourcing
Custom outsourcing solutions to simplify business

We begin putting together an actionable bsuiness strategy to create a aggressive roadmap towards your goal of success. We also help you implement a launch plan covering all the start-up business instruments in play. Some key processes that we carryout with you are;

a. Setup Complete footprint of your Business Idea,

b. Create success path by creating a full proof Execution Plan

c. Help carrying out each execution plan to a fully functional Organization

The People Behind The Results

Smart Mavens has the most experienced consultants and subject matter experts in delivering quality business analytical, business consulting, software implementations and helpdesk services to the entrepreneurial market. The overall experience of our SMEs is second to none.

Smart Mavens Team
Why Partner with us
why partner with us

Smart Mavens Client Business Partners are dedicated providing high quality industry and system expertise, effectively and productively. We understand the ethos of business management and promise a time and economy bound project solution in an efficacious manner.

We will help you get most out of your Business and IT investment with a clear visibility on your Return on Investments..

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Smart Mavens have 81% Customer retention rate with 100% customer engagement towards the solutions and services offered.

35+ Thousand

With a direct customer base of 3000, Smart Mavens growing at 20-25% year on year and increasing its popularity


We pride ourselves on keeping customers happy. If you are not entirely satisfied with the services within 7 days of receipt, we will of course refund you in full. Smart Mavens hold 90% Customer Satisfaction rate

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